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Each with a long list of credits in entertainment and television production, Bill Hersey and Loren Lovgren formed a partnership to create independent television programs.
After several intense years of successfully producing syndicated TV series (Energy Matters, Coastwatch, Desertwatch, Envirotrek) and network specials (America's Funniest Sidekicks , 50 Forward) completely on their own, they formed Kailuna Enterprises in 2009. 
Producer Terry Strauss presented Kailuna with footage of Bob McNeil's "Cangarda" steam yacht restoration and they all knew there was something there. Kailuna would create, develop and produce the "Ultimate Restorations" TV and web franchise along with McNeil and Strauss who were also willing to take the leap.
They won the gamble.  Today "Ultimate Restorations" has a loyal audience in the millions in the US, and more in Canada, the UK, Australia, South Korea and Japan. 
Currently, Kailuna Enterprises is pushing forward on more episodes of "Ultimate Restorations" as well as developing new content for the web and television.


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