Restoring a car or house can attract an audience.  But when that same dedication is applied to the multi-million dollar restoration of the last American steam yacht, or the worlds most famous locomotive, you really get people’s attention. Here are 8 “big shoulders” television specials whose spectacular production, compelling stories , characters, and heart-stopping drama are like nothing seen before. Read on…

Beginning with the daunting -- some considered it impossible -- restoration of the 105 year-old, 136 foot  "CANGARDA", the last  Victorian steam yacht left in the world, requiring skills that disappeared 100 years ago, Bob McNeil and the team from Rutherford's Boat Shop are making history.

Sierra #3 is the most famous and beloved steam locomotive in America. Her restoration brings Bob back into the world of steam, and the comparisons with his own “Cangarda” are compelling to watch.
Currently in production, we join Bob at the restoration of the world’s largest musical instrument, the Atlantic City Convention Hall’s 1929 Midmer-Losh pipe organ. With over 36,000 pipes the task is overwhelming, and takes us back in time when nothing but the biggest was ever the best.
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“ULTIMATE RESTORATIONS” captures the thrill of discovery, the amazing “how-to”s of the restorations, and the real-life drama as each project struggles back to life.

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